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Secular Agenda

During the last couple of years we have seen a very active movement, "Humanisterna", in Sweden, lead my Christer Sturmark. The aggresive secularism has found a face and a voice. Of course they claim to be against all religious beliefs, but their "christophobia" is clearly manifested.
Some weeks ago one of their representatives found a Bible in his hotel room at Scandic Hotel, and felt terribly violated. His non-religious concience was awakened and filled with compassion for all other believers and non-believers he contacted Scandic Hotel. They, in their turn desided immediately to withdraw all Bibles from their rooms as an expression of their non-priviliged attitude to religious beliefs.
They have declared though that they have no intentions to stop showing porno on their TV entertainment channels.
They will however have different kinds of religious litterature avaliable at the front desk.
Isn´t porno an expression of a deep violation of women and should that not be kept away from people in general, at least as carefully as Bibles?

Ern - Örnen - Baxter

I was exited to find a blog where material from one of my heroes was published: pastor Ern Baxter, Canadian who was one of the greatest preachers I have ever met. His life story is so exiting. He knew personally pastor Lewi Pethrus, served as bible teacher for pastor William Branham, one of the great healing evangelists in the 40ies and 50ies, and became one of the most influencial in the Charismatic Renewal in the 60ies and 70ies. His name came to be connected with the "Fort Lauderdale five" - and because of that stained with the critisism of many church leaders who thought they went to far in discipleship and shearding. Ern was not well known in Sweden, but he visit the country in the late 70ies and brought some significant insight to us about the consequenses of compromise. His influence into the Charismatic move in Sweden came at a late point, and unfortunately could not bring the necessary correction that could have brought a balance to the exodus over to the faith movement, that set charismatic christianity back in the country, caused division, and created a picture of church outside church of christianity as unbalansed and fanatical.
If you are interest in modern church history, visit the very comprahensive blog and go to some of the other resources and read.